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Art and Local Handicrafts

Bonaire’s unique landscape above the water and incredible beauty beneath the water have inspired many local artists, creating a vibrant and thriving art community on Bonaire. Art galleries and exhibitions are found throughout the island, highlighting Bonaire’s strong tie to nature. Many of the traditional paintings, prints, photography, sculpture, and jewelry are influenced and accented by Bonaire’s sea glass, driftwood, and varied plant, bird and marine life. Bonaire’s rich and varied cultural history is also evidenced in much of the local art.

Each year the island hosts its annual Dia di Arte (Art Day). This festival showcases the art and culture of many local artists in various formats. Entertainment in the form of live music and dancing is provided along with many food vendors, giving an opportunity to sample the many different cuisines found on Bonaire.  Keep an eye on the Calendar of Events to see when and where it will be held.

Wilhelmina Park is also the site of a local market each day when there is a cruise ship on the island. It’s a great opportunity to hunt for local wares, ranging from art, prints, jewelry, and other unique gifts.

Chogogo” by Linda Richter

Bonaire has few traditional art galleries but does have a number of artists, as well as stores, which focus on various types of art, featuring works with a Caribbean flair.

Bonaire now boasts an Atelier Club, which provides a location for local artists and travelers who need a place to paint. Set-up supplies are available for a small fee, and easels, tables and accessories are available for free. The Atelier is located at the JanArt Gallery; artist Janice Huckaby is available for coaching and assistance. She also offers Jan’s Art Workshops for Travelers, which last two- to three-hours.

Recommended Galleries, Art Stores, or Artists *
Littman's Artistique
Kaya Grandi
Other Galleries, Art Stores, or Artists
JanArt Kaya Grandi
Jenny Rijna
Kaya Gilberto F. Croes
Renate van der Bijl
Tortuga Art Studio & Gallery
Handmade Ceramics & Silver Jewelry
Wowo Gallery & Gifts

For information on dialing a Bonaire phone number from off-island, see the Telephone page.

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