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About NetTech NV.

InfoBonaire was born in the fall of 1997, as a result of the desire to have a current, up-to-date, and useful website covering all things Bonaire. The owner of the InfoBonaire Web site is NetTech NV, Bonaire’s first and only professional Web site development and Internet marketing company.

NetTech is owned and operated by Susan Davis, who has lived on Bonaire for over twenty-five years. NetTech officially came into existence in March of 1998, and since then has been helping Bonaire’s tourism industry effectively market itself via the Internet. One of these efforts took the form of news service, the Bonaire Insider.

In fact, NetTech has developed InfoBonaire in order to provide those interested in Bonaire with a single resource to find all the current and up-to-date information that is available on our wonderful island. The InfoBonaire site was launched way back on July 1, 1999, and with NetTech’s on-island presence, undergoes constant revisions to make sure that all the information is current and timely.

For the curious among you, InfoBonaire and the sites of NetTech’s other clients are hosted on a server located in the U.S., with high-speed connections directly to the Internet.

The on-going maintenance of the InfoBonaire site is self-funding, through the use of Bonaire-related advertising banners. If you or your organization are interested in helping support InfoBonaire via advertising, please visit NetTech’s advertising page.

And in case you’re wondering about the InfoBonaire logo (shown above as well as on every page), the flamingo image has been licensed by well-known Bonaire artist, Linda Richter. The logo is based on her “Flamingo World” painting completed in April 2006. Ms. Richter’s detailed oil paintings and other works of art can be seen at

InfoBonaire Recommended Companies

On many informational pages throughout InfoBonaire, the company directories are divided into “InfoBonaire Recommended” and “Other.”

In the years that InfoBonaire has been in operation (since 1998), its principals (who reside on Bonaire) have come to know many of the people and products offered within the tourism sector on Bonaire, and have partnered with many of them as well. Companies listed as Recommended by InfoBonaire are ones whose products, properties, and services are ones we can, therefore, recommend based on our personal experiences.

Please note that just because a company is not listed under the “InfoBonaire Recommended” directory, it does not mean the product is inferior in any way–it simply means that InfoBonaire’s principals are probably not familiar enough with the product or service to be willing to recommend it.

In closing, we’d appreciate any feedback you could offer us regarding the InfoBonaire site. So please send an e-mail with your comments or use the online form below.

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