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If skies are clear on Bonaire, there could be excellent views of this year’s Orionid meteor shower.


Meteor showers over Bonaire.

Each year in November, those on Bonaire are normally lucky to have an excellent viewing of the Orionid Meteor Showers.  Normally, these meteor showers begin to appear in October and last four or five weeks, but there is only one night when peak conditions are expected, and that is tonight! The best time to view the Orionids, if the skies are clear, is usually just after midnight or just before dawn.

What causes the Orionid Meteors?

The Orionid meteor shower is 1 of 2 meteor showers created by debris from Comet Halley. The Eta Aquarids in May is the second meteor shower created by debris left by Comet Halley. Halley takes around 76 years to make a complete revolution around the Sun.

It will next be visible from Earth in 2061.

It’s called Orionids because the meteors seem to emerge or radiate from the constellation Orion.

A First Quarter Moon will make this meteor shower easy to see in both the Northern and Southern Hemisphere. While you can easily see a shooting star looking straight up, the table below shows the exact direction of the Orionids from your location.

How can I find the Orionid Meteors on Bonaire?

How to find the Orionid Meteors on Bonaire during peak viewing.

Direction to see the Orionids in the sky:

What is the best way to view the Orionid Meteor Showers from Bonaire?

One of the best aspects of nature lovers visiting Bonaire is that it is relatively easy to get close to nature and see some spectacular natural events. The Orionids are just one more example of this, and here’s the best way to enjoy them.
  • Check the weather: Meteors, or shooting stars, are easy to spot, all you need is clear skies and a pair of eyes.
  • Get out of town: Find a place as far away as possible from artificial lights.  Bonaire’s southern coastline is a good place.
  • Prepare to wait: Bring something to sit or lie down on. Stargazing is a waiting game, so get comfortable and enjoy it!

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