United Airlines to Increase Service to Bonaire from Newark For the Summer

20160209-UnitedStarting June 12, 2016, United will offer a second non-stop flight from Newark to Bonaire every Sunday.

The southbound Bonaire flight will depart Newark International Airport (EWR) on Sunday at 9:00am, arriving in Bonaire International Airport (BON) at 1:45pm. The northbound return flight will depart BON at 2:45pm, and arrive at EWR at 7:50pm. The Sunday non-stop flight is slated to run through August, 2016.

In addition to the Sunday flight, United will still offer their Saturday non-stop service from EWR to BON. The southbound United flight UA1422 will depart EWR every Saturday at 9:00 am, and arrive at BON 1:45 pm. The northbound United flight UA1420 will depart BON every Saturday at 2:45 pm, and arrive at EWR 7:50 pm.

For more information, or to make a reservation, visit United.com. (Source:  TCB, North America)


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The 2016 Karnaval Celebration Is Full of Beautiful Pageantry

2016_06_Feb_GrandKarnavalRincon_012This past Saturday and Sunday, everyone took to the streets in Rincon and Kralendijk to celebrate the Grand Karnaval (Carnival) Parades, right alongside of the participants.

On Saturday, one could visit Rincon where a smaller preview of what was to come was featured.  For those who like to take photographs, Rincon offers a fantastic opportunity to get close to all the Karnaval personalities.

On Sunday, everyone gathered along the route in Kralendijk, and it was a stupendous showing of colorful pageantry!  Pianos were waltzing along the street, myriad animals attended–hummingbirds, peacocks, leopards and lions, there were some very scary looking court jesters, and dapper dudes with sequined suspenders; even some gorgeously clad gladiators!

2016_06_Feb_GrandKarnavalKralendijk_011Amazingly, after two days of parades, the participants still managed to keep a high-energy level, and the crowd showed its appreciation.  After the final group passed, the crowd just got into the street and followed along making their very own parade!

Kudos go to all the people who made this year’s Karnaval a special festivity.

But for those who didn’t make it to see the parades, there will be a replay tonight of the Children’s Karnaval, scheduled to begin at 6:00 PM, and then Tuesday evening starting at 8:00 PM there will be an encore performance of the Grand Karnaval Parade, culminating at the stadium, where the effigy of King Momo will be burned at midnight.  These are the final two events, so don’t miss them!  (Source:  Bonaire Insider Reporter)



Bonaire’s Airport Hosts Routes Development Committee to Review Bonaire’s Air Service

Getting to Bonaire has gotten significantly easier in recent years, but still it’s at the top of every stay-over visitor’s priority list.  Bonaire International Airport is active in investigating new routes to Bonaire, as well as improvements to existing airlift.
On February 4th, 2016, the airport hosted the initial Routes Development Committee meeting of 2016.  These meetings are held regularly, and provide feedback, input, and goals relating to Bonaire’s airlift.  Attending this meeting were Mr. E. Ch. Michael Nicolaas and Mr. Leonel Domacassé  on behalf of BIA (Chair), Mr. Maurice Adriaens and Ms. Malinda Hassell on behalf of Tourism Corporation Bonaire, Ms. Candice Kimmel on behalf of Tourism Corporation Bonaire (North America), and Ms. Irene Dingjan on behalf of BONHATA.
Mr. Maurice Adriaens, Director, Tourism Corporation Bonaire

Mr. Maurice Adriaens, Director, Tourism Corporation Bonaire

Mr. Nicolaas officially opened the meeting and welcomed all attending.  He gave a special welcome to Mr. Adriaens, who this month began his role as the new director of Tourism Corporation Bonaire.  Mr. Adriaens shared some of his background credentials and expressed his desire to make a positive impact on Bonaire’s tourism.

A special focus in this Routes Development Committee meeting was placed upon airline traffic originating from the North American market, and, with over 30 years of aviation marketing experience, Ms. Kimmel provided her expertise in driving the dialog consisting of a review of historical data to identify trends, potential new North American markets for Bonaire, as well as the identification of areas where Bonaire can improve its airlift services.

Finally, there was an opportunity to review each airline carrier currently serving Bonaire and identify and discuss the latest developments from their respective markets.  With tourism being the main factor driving Bonaire’s economy, airlift to the island is a top priority, and BIA wishes to assist in any effort to improve airlift.

The next Routes Development Committee meeting is scheduled for March, 2016 and will focus upon the South American and European markets.  (Source:  Bonaire International Airport)


Tracking Bonaire’s Parrots (Loras)–Results from the 2016 Census

20160204-LoracountBonaire’s parrots, known locally as loras, are commonly sighted on Bonaire.  These particular birds are indigenous to Bonaire, but their numbers are low enough to cause concern for their future.  Accordingly, there is an annual effort to make a census count of the loras each January.  The unpredictable behavior of the birds makes each count a challenge to the participating volunteers.

This year’s count was held last Saturday morning, in multiple locations simultaneously, as the birds leave their roosts to begin feeding.  During the census, nearly 900 loras were observed and counted, however, the parrots were mainly observed in residential areas.

20160120-LoraIt should be noted that these counts only provide an approximation of the minimum number of birds on the island, as it is impossible to find and count every single lora.  Several participants in the census reported that they could hear more lora in their assigned areas than they could count.

Washington Slagbaai National Park is always included in the census, but this year the loras that were observed were significantly less than in recent past years (120 in 2016 versus 300 in 2015).   It has been concluded, because of this count, that the majority of lora are residing outside of the park.

Not everyone is pleased with the parrots’ residency.  If food in the wild is scarce, the loras will feed upon fruit trees, much to the chagrin of the owners of the fruit trees.  Bonaire has experienced drought conditions in recent years, which is the probably cause of the migration of the loras into more residential areas, as they are more likely to find food.

This year’s count was the 21st annual event, and was organized by the Department of Environment and Nature of the public entity Bonaire, Foundation Echo, and STINAPA.  (Source:  STINAPA)


Love Is In the Air, Treat Your Dushi Well on Valentine’s Day!

20160202-ValentinesDiningIt’s February, and romance is in the air!  Of course, Bonaire’s restaurants always provide the perfect backdrop for romance, but with Valentine’s Day coming, some establishments are “putting on the Ritz” to make the evening even more special for their dining patrons.

The Chibi Chibi at Divi Flamingo Beach Resort and Casino will host a fabulous special menu, just for the night.  There are two fixed-price menus available, and advance reservations are necessary.  The three-course Valentine’s Menu is only $35.00 per person, including tax and a complimentary glass of Prosecco.  For those who want to splurge, there is the Lovebird Menu–a four-course meal including a bottle of Prosecco (two persons minimum).  View their menu by clicking here. To make a reservation, call +599 717-8285.

Sebastian’s Restaurant is always a favorite for special occasions, and this Valentine’s Day is no exception.  Normally closed on Sundays, Sebastian’s will be open, but advance reservations are highly recommended to avoid disappointment.  Every lady dining at Sebastian’s this coming Valentine’s Day will enjoy a complimentary glass of Prosecco.  To make a reservation, call +599 717-1697 or mobile +599 701-1697 or visit their web site at http://www.sebastiansrestaurantbonaire.com/request-reservations/.

Rum Runners Restaurant at Captain Don’s Habitat is celebrating Love in style with a special Valentine’s Day menu featuring the food of love, lobster!  Rum Runners will be featuring spiny Caribbean lobster in this special offering.  To make a reservation, call +599 717-8290, extension 100, or send an email to info@rumrunnersbonaire.com.

However you celebrate this special event, being on Bonaire will make it memorable!

(Source:  Bonaire Insider Reporter)

Karnaval (Carnival) is in Full Swing!

IMG_1739The finale to this year’s Karnaval season started off with a bang, as the Children’s Karnaval Parade took to the streets in Rincon on this past Saturday, and on Kaya Grandi in Kralendijk yesterday.  The kids put on a great show, with groups featuring various themes from Christmas to nautical!

Over the next ten days there will be the Grand Karnaval Parades, the Teener Parade, the School Children’s Parade, Jump-ins, and of course, the final closing parades for the both the kids and the adults, with the final burning of King Momo.  View the Calendar of Events for dates and time of all these great upcoming events and learn all about how Bonaire celebrates Karnaval!

View the 2016 Parade Routes

This year, the Grand Karnaval Parade in Kralendijk will begin at Van den Tweel Supermarket and head toward Kralendijk’s Catholic Church.  There it will take a left towards the Tourism Office, then another left towards the Stadium, before completing the route back at the supermarket.  It’s a nice long route, so there will be ample opportunities to get close and take excellent photographs.

IMG_1820For those who are on Bonaire, it’s a great time to mix with the locals and enjoy colorful pageantry.  (Source:  Bonaire Insider Reporter)









Classical Music Board Presents Free Concert on Sunday, January 31, 2016

20160129-ConcertBonaire’s Classical Music Board will present a free concert on Sunday, January 31, 2016 at 2:30 PM.

The concert will be held at Cacique Hall at Plaza Resort Bonaire.

This matinee performance will feature vocal and piano with sax, and Renee Ockeloen and Olga Cat will be singing, and Caroline de Jong will be on sax while Hans Faassen is on piano.

Entry is free, but this is a fund-raising effort for Bonaire’s Animal Shelter and the Classical Music Board, so donations for these good causes will be happily accepted.

There will be complimentary coffee, tea and water.  Come and enjoy Bonaire’s finest musicians!  (Source:  Classical Music Board Bonaire)


It’s Time to Taste-Test Three New Signature Bonaire Beers

20160128-BlondIt’s been nearly a year since Bonaire Blond, Bonaire’s own signature beer, was first introduced, and so there’s an anniversary celebration, and three new signature Bonaire beers are coming to the party!

Just arriving on Bonaire now, the newly created Bonaire Blond Tropical line includes three light and fruity beers, perfectly blended for Bonaire’s tropical days and nights.

The first of the Tropical Beers is already on island and available at select eateries, and this one highlights cantaloupe melon and lime, both great refreshing flavors.  Arriving soon from the brewery in Holland are the brand new Passionfruit & Coconut and Mango & Carambola, also exciting blends.  All the Tropical line of beers have an alcohol content of 2.5%, and include blends of ingredients commonly found on Bonaire, including aloe vera from Bonaire’s own Onima Aloe Plantation.


Even the labels are literally works of art as they showcase the paintings of resident artist, Fred van den Broek, and the color schemes were chosen to reflect the tropical ingredients included in each flavor.

Those who enjoy trying different beers will soon have four beers–the original Bonaire Blond, plus the three new Bonaire Blond Tropicals–to enjoy when on the island.  These are the quintessential beers for kicking back on the beach with your toes in the sand.

The new Bonaire Blond Tropical beers can be taste-tasted and enjoyed at these select restaurants and bars:

  • At Sea
  • The Beach Hut
  • Bistro de Paris
  • Boudoir
  • Buddy Dive Resort
  • Divi Flamingo Beach Resort & Casino
  • Jibe City (The Hang Out Beach Bar)
  • Joe’s Grill House
  • La Cantina
  • Lac Baai
  • Little Havana

Try them out and then comment below to let us know how you like them!

(Source:  Bonaire Insider Reporter)

Karnaval Season is Nearing its End, Enjoy the Children’s Karnaval this Weekend

With the early arrival of Ash Wednesday in 2016, the island’s Karnaval (Carnival) season ramped up early!  This weekend already will bring the Children’s Karnaval Parades.

There will be a parade in Rincon on Saturday afternoon, but sometimes not all groups are present.  On Sunday afternoon, everyone will be in Kralendijk with bells on to enjoy the youth of Bonaire as they strut their stuff down Kaya Grandi.  The Children’s Karnaval Parades are slated to begin at 3:00 PM on Saturday and Sunday.

Learn more about Bonaire’s Karnaval season and check dates for all events in 2016 on the Bonaire Calendar of Events. (Source:  Bonaire Insider Reporter)



Getting the Shot: Eye on Ellen Muller

profile2Bonaire has a wealth of excellent nature photographers, both professional and amateur.  This year, the Bonaire Insider will profile some of these amazing amateur photographers and showcase their work.  Our first resident photographer is Ellen Muller.

Ellen moved from the United States to Bonaire in 1980. She didn’t pick up an underwater camera until 2001, when she became instantly hooked on underwater photography. Being able to dive almost daily in Bonaire provides many opportunities to document the amazing diversity of marine life in Bonaire’s waters. Her passion is being able to share with others, through her underwater photography, some of the incredible underwater creatures she is fortunate enough to encounter on a regular basis. Ellen has photographed many unusual, rare and unique creatures and recorded previously unknown behaviors, making an invaluable contribution to our knowledge of the fascinating underwater world.

profb2Occasionally, she will turn her camera topside where she enjoys sharing her passion for photography with her 6-year old granddaughter, Molly.

Ellen is currently using a Canon G16 and Canon housing WP-DC52 with add on Inon close up lenses UCL 165 & 330. For her topside photography, she employs a Canon SX50.

View more of Ellen’s stunning underwater photography.  (Source:  Bonaire Insider Reporter)



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