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InfoBonaire is the Bonaire Info Site, updated daily, live from the island of Bonaire in the Dutch Caribbean.

Bonaire is known for its world class scuba diving, windsurfing, nature, snorkeling, and tranquility.

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Calling To & From

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Telephoning To and From Bonaire

General Dialing

If you're calling Bonaire from the U.S. or Canada, you would dial 011-599-7XX-XXXX, where 011 is the International access code, 599-7 is the area code for Bonaire, and XX-XXXX is the local Bonairean number you want to reach. If you are calling Bonaire from Europe or most of the rest of the world, you would dial 00-599-7XX-XXXX using 00 for the international access code.

While on Bonaire dial the number starting with the first 7. So for the example above, you would dial 717-8000. Bonaire phone number typically have a prefix of 717- or 715- for land line numbers, and 780-, 781-, 785-, 786-, and 790- for local cell phone numbers.

Some of our cellular phone numbers are Curacao numbers and therefore have a different code and will be listed on this site starting with a 09-XXXXXX as this is how you dial when on Bonaire. If you're calling from the U.S., you would dial 011-599-9-XXXXXXX, or from Europe, you would dial 00-599-9-XXXXXX. Recently Bonaire cellular numbers have been added and would be dialed as a normal Bonaire number.

Calling Bonaire from the U.S. is about $1.50/minute with no special rate plan. However, for a small monthly fee, most of the long distance carriers can set you up with an International calling plan that lets you call Bonaire for less than US$0.40 a minute.

Calls from Bonaire to the U.S. are a little more pricey. Calling from a hotel or resort directly is going to cost you between $2 and $4 per minute, but calling from a Bonaire cell phone or personall owned land line is typically less than $0.50/minute.

Similarly, calls to various European countries are quite expensive too (the Netherlands being the least expensive to call).

The four ways to get around this are to:

  1. Go to the Telbo building in downtown Kralendijk, and call via their phone booths (you pay at a nearby counter for this service) - this costs about half what the charge is calling from a resort.
  2. Get a calling card from a long distance company which allows you to place credit card calls from Bonaire (check this with them first - it can be costly) - rates on calling card calls from Bonaire to other parts of the world vary depending on the card. You may wish to explore the advantages of a call-back system combined with a pre-paid card such as CallnPay, as these may offer prices advantages.
  3. If you plan on being here for more than a few weeks and have your own phone number, you can use a callback or calling service, such as that from CallnPay.
  4. AT&T Direct at either the airport or Telbo.
  5. Use a Blue international calling public phone. There are 50 located around the island. Be forewarned these can be very expensive. We priced a call to the States at US$14.00 for the first five minutes.

In terms of telephone equipment on Bonaire, it's U.S. standard, including the modular RJ-11 connectors. Telbo is accessible at phone number 717-7000.

Cellular Phone Service

GSM is supported on Bonaire at European frequencies. Roaming with some carriers, including Cingular and T-Mobile is possible as well and GPRS data services are available for roaming in some cases.

There are two cellular service provides on Bonaire: Digicel and Chippie (UTS). Digicel and Chippie use GSM. Both offer prepaid phone usage programs.