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Greetings from Bonaire!A spotted cleaner shrimp lives in a symbiotic relationship with anemones. Copyright  Jake Richter
Copyright © 2006 Linda Richter

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First Place Underwater: Eel and Diver by Stephen Crawford
First Place Nature: Sailing Charter by Bill Wade
First Place Humorous: Donkeys ordering Drinks by Daphne Suares
First Place Action: Net Weaving by Ann Weeks
Banded butterflyfish pair up at the pier. Photo by Fish-Eye Photo -
Catch the wind that always blows on Bonaire!
Kayaking in the crystal clear waters, maybe to slip in for snorkel.
A perfect place to relax and soak up the view! Photo by Fish-Eye Photo -
White Slave Huts at Sunset. Copyright  Jake Richter
A spotted cleaner shrimp lives in a symbiotic relationship with anemones. Copyright  Jake Richter
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Greetings from Bonaire!
Wish you were here on Bonaire!
Karnaval Time Bonaire
Bonaire...the picture says it all
Purify Your Senses - Bonaire
Bonaire Diver's Paradise
Psst..I found what you've been looking for
Bonaire Adventurer's Paradise
I found our next vacation... Bonaire
Bonaire Windsurfer's Paradise
be my Bonaire Buddy
Maybe this postcard will change your mind
Bonaire Romantic Paradise
Experience Bonaire
Ga je mee naar Bonaire?
Can you keep a little secret?
Natuurlijk Bonaire!
Groeten uit Bonaire
Op Bonaire?


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